Company: Personal project
Role: Developer

STT::App running in android phone

STT::App running on android phone

STT::App is a lightweight notepad app designed to display the output of Google’s voice typing keyboard.

It is specifically aimed as a communication aid for people wishing to talk to someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. The app uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) as an alternative to lip speaking/reading or manually writing with pen and paper. The speech-to-text is performed by the google keyboard. To improve the readability of the output STT::App detects speech pauses and automatically breaks the text.

STT::App has a very simple interface allowing you to easily
– adjust the text size to ensure legibility in any situation
– clear the screen
– save or email the current conversation for future reference (using external apps)

Download the app from Google Play

Please be aware that the app is intended to be as simple as possible to use for displaying speech-to-text results. There are plenty of alternative notepad apps out there for other purposes!

If you have a suggestion for improving this app please contact me.