Jongo S3

Company: Pure
Role: Hardware design

Jongo is a wireless music system which uses a wifi network to stream audio. It is based on industry standard DLNA and upnp protocols so a single Jongo can play content sent from any compliant server/control point. What makes the Jongo family of devices stand out is the ability for multiple devices to play the same content simultaneously in perfect synchronicity. This so-called multi-room functionality is not included in existing open standards so is only available through the Pure Connect app (available on iOS and android).

The Jongo S3 was the first member of the family. As lead hardware engineer on this project I was not only responsible for the design of the hardware platform but also helped resolve design issues applicable to the whole product line.

Being a portable product the form factor of the S3 had to be compact yet the design brief was to create a product with impressive sound which should be just as good when running from battery as when plugged into the mains. It received 5 stars from What HiFi.